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Warning don´t buy from Monterra Developers, OCR Properties Group and owncostarica.com

These same companies are scamming people across Canada. They sold me a lot where after 2 years of waiting i´m not still able to build on. I have no water, no electricity, no amenities. How much longer do I have to wait.

They builded a fancy entrance to one of thier developments, but now seems to be in abandon.

I not posting my name since I don´t want any represaries against me. I have contacted an attorney in costa rica to take care of this situation, since they keep not giving any answers yet.

Please be aware.

Monetary Loss: $85000.


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You are another Fraud. There are no lots across the street.


This is another fake load of BS.Anyone can go there without buying anything and see for themselves.

You are not required to purchase to go and see the properties. I think one of the other comments is right on. Many of these posts are from other developers or realtors. Go and see for yourself, it does not cost anything.

Did it all happen overnight, NO.

We are in Central America, it is not Canada.Stop trying to destroy my investment, you morons.


I was just there.There is a lot going on.

If you paid for your lot, then the title is available as I just got mine.I think you are the fraud.


You are talking about MDG and Michael Pechbrenner.He is the fraud.

He is the Contractor, no one else. I think I saw your house. You need to sue MDG and Michael Pechbrenner.

According to a recent email from Laura he incorporated MDG.Was that your builder?


There is so much BS on this site it makes me sick, so many people with bad motives.I was just there recently and got my title.

Yes it took more time than I thought but I have it, so if you paid for your lot you can have it. Go and see for yourselves. The office is not in forclosure, that is outright BS. They bought the Remax building years ago and closed the franchise.

The office is there and open Jan 2016.Stop posting this ***, you are destroying my investment.


Three arrests and 3 different addresses, plus aliases.He said he was a Builder of Multimillion dollar homes in Florida.

If you check Florida State records he has never had a contractors licence. Where there is smoke there must be some fire. I have looked at homes in the developments in CR and he does not know what he is doing. I am so glad I did not sign a construction agreement with him.

He is a smooth talker, but he does not deliver. Never has and never will. He misses meetings, does not respond to the telephone or emails. If you give him money, you are the fool.

Ask any one of the customers he has started their homes and not finished.

He is a smooth talking fraud.Do your homework.


This is a lie.All Developments have water and Electricity.

Show your name. All Developments have Titles available if you have paid for your lot. Perhaps you have dealt with Michael Pechbrenner in Costa Rica. He is a Fraud.

He has never had a construction license. He lied to everyone. He has never completed a house. He is no builder.

He is the scammer.Look him up in Mugshots.com

to Snowman Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1240545

All developments have water & electricity you say?? Would love to see some pictures of Rio de Sol, Phase 2 & 3. jmam7@me.com


Here we go again with the broken english, No doubt the new administration of the company are starting to do things right.(Congratulations to Jack).

We all look forward to see and enjoy those beautiful projects complete.

A little scary to see someone in charge of the development with criminal records.




Please make us believe this time it´s for real.

to Anonymous #1038712

Well anonymous, if you actually did your homework you would find that the charges were dropped or not adjudicated guilty as noted on the link.

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